CODESNA_HRV software for Heart Rate Variability analysis

CODESNA_HRV is the first software which provides Autonomic Nervous System’s activity in real time from Heart Rate Variability (R-R intervals files), and which, in addition to traditional analysis, delivers new markers, robust and accurate for the study of the ANS.

The HRV analysis is commonly used in scientific research, particularly in the medical environments and in physiology for high performance sport.

Traditionally, the analysis is based on a specification from 1996: “Heart rate variability: standards of measurement, physiological interpretation and clinical use” available on the web.

In addition to these traditional analyzes, CODESNA offers to researchers CODESNA_HRV that integrates new generation of methods and algorithms to obtain new markers, stable and reliable. Moreover, a real-time graphs of the ANS activity is displayed, which has no equivalent on the market..

The CODESNA_HRV beta version is available for download below, delivered with examples and with a 20 days free trial period.


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    Measurement of sympathetic and parasympathetic activities

    An important differentiation aspect is that the CODESNA_HRV software truly delivers the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic activities separately (on average and in real time) allowing to have a very detailed analysis of the ANS operations. To our knowledge, CODESNA_HRV is the only software able to deliver both sympathetic and parasympathetic activities dynamically.

    Of course, the CODESNA_HRV software also incorporates the traditional methods (RMSSD, LF, HF …) for compatibility with traditional analysis.

    The software is already used by a number of recognized experts and scientists in reputable institutions (French National Center for Nordic and Mountain ski at Prémanon, Faculty of Medicine – Department of Physiology Besancon (France), Sports Sciences Faculty in Poitiers (France), IFRREMONT …)

    The CODESNA_HRV software automatically detects arrhythmias or artifacts present in the signal for a better optimization of the filtering implemented in the software.

    The CODESNA markers have already been scientifically validated by a first official study by the physiology department at the University of Besançon (France).

    The user guide (French or English) can be downloaded below:

    User_Guide_EN .PDF
    Guide_Utilisateur_FR .PDF

    The first scientific study validating the markers delivered by Codesna can be downloaded here (in French):


    The markers delivered by CODESNA_HRV

    CODESNA methodology

    • Total power in msec2
    • Standard deviation
    • Sympathetic activity (in msec2 and in %) and in real time
    • Parasympathetic activity (in msec2 and in %)in real time
    • Overall stress level (centered around 100%, if stress it is >100)
    • Physiological Recovery Factor R (R>1 indicates recovery).Very useful to analyze the resting and sleep quality
    • Time Spent in sympathetic and parasympathetic modes
    • Breathing(cycles per minute) -more precise in homeostasis condition
    • Sympathetic and parasympathetic entropies (degree of contrast between the two systems in %)

    “Task Force 1996” methodology

    • HF, LF, VLF in msec2
    • Total power in msec2
    • RMSSD in msec
    • LF/ HF separation by the respiratory frequency and by default (0.15Hz)

    Main Features

    • Compatible with various RR files: Polar (*. sdf), Suunto (. * hrm), (RR column in msec) * txt
    • Real-time and averaged analysis of orthosympathetic and parasympathetic activities
    • Automatic detection and warning of arrhythmias or artifacts in the selected segment
    • Automated, efficient and adjustable filtering for the R-R artifacts
    • Capability to record the filtered files (if the filter is activated)
    • Easy segments analysis (cursors)
    • Able to analyze multiple files on a preset time and to save the averaged results, concatenated into a single * .csv file (Excel)
    • Backup in * .csv files for all real-time and averaged results of a pre-selected segment
    • User friendly

    Additional Information

    The CODESNA_HRV beta version is available for download below, delivered with examples and with a 20 days free trial period:

    • Required operating system: Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8 …)
    • RAM: <2GB
    • Disk space: