CODESNA’s Scientific Committee

CODESNA works in partnership with independent experts, physicians and scientists on research projects to improve Human’s understanding.

Scientific studies


Ongoing studies:

  • Statistical study on the balance of the ANS within homogeneous groups of subjects and within non-homogeneous groups of subjects; developed with the Observatory for non-conventional Medicines, part of the University of Nice – Faculty of Medicine (Nice, France)

Scientific team

Laurent Schmitt

Laurent Schmitt, PhD – Doctor in Biology, a recognized expert in the analysis ofheart rate variability, author of numerous scientific publications. He was national coach of cross country ski for over 10 years, between 1986 and 1998. He currently manages the High-level Sport Research and Development department at the Prémanon Nordic Ski National Centre(France) and intervenes at INSEP, in the continuous training of national coaches(for all French Olympic sports federations) since 2006. He also advises coaches and athletes of national teams from many disciplines(triathlon, rowing, canoeing, cross country skiing, Nordic combined, biathlon, football, tennis …)

Laurent Mourot

Laurent Mourot, PhD, HDR-PhD in physiology and senior lecturer at the University of Franche-Comté (France); he uses since several years the heart rate variability to study the neuro-vegetative regulations of cardiovascular functions. He is empowered to direct researches and is the author of over 60 scientific publications in the field of physiology and medicine. He is the Director of the EPSI platform(for Exercise Performance Santé Innovation).

Jean Marsac

Professor Jean Marsac, MD, PhD. – Professor of Respiratory Medicine, he led a hospital and a Clinical Pharmacology Research Unit focused on asthma and allergic diseases. As part of his public activities, he was for several years, Chairman of a hospital Advisory Committee and was medical Advisor in several hospital construction projects: Intensive Care and Emergency services (Tenon hospital), medical and functional explorations service (Cochin Hospital). Passionate by the heart rate variability, he is convinced of the relevance of those markers that are provided by digital technologies for the benefit of public health.

Aurelien Pichon

Aurélien Pichon, PhD, HDR-Doctor in Sciences and Techniques for Physical and Sports Activities, Senior University lecturer, entitled to direct researches and qualified for University Professor functions. He is a research professor at the Faculty of Sports Science at Poitiers (France). Specialist in exercise physiology, he is the author of 55 articles in international scientific journals with referees and of two book’s chapters. His researches focused in particular on humans and animals exposed to hypoxia in conditions of rest, exercise or during a physical workout. He participates in many international conferences and has a reviewer activity for several scientific journals.

Stephan Lefevre

Dr. Stephan Lefevre, MD – General Practitioner in Nice with 25years’ experience, he is interested for many years on the effect of emotions on physiology and the resulting pathologies. Thanks to its long experience, he has noted informally the connection between certain diseases and the emotional and autonomic regulation through autonomous breathing. Fascinated by the human being, by scientific research and by the progress of digital technologies for the benefit of medicine, he is convinced of the contribution that physiological markers can bring in terms of prevention in the overall emotional management of the human.

Institutional Partners