CODESNA delivers the only scientific method to measure chronic stress in a simple, accurate, non-invasive and reliable way.

CODESNA designs, assembles and markets solutions able to measure physiological imbalances caused, inter alia, by negative emotions. Results are delivered using a standardized measurement protocol, simple and non-invasive, lasting only 2 minutes.

Chronic stress explained

Physioner’s demo and use case

CODESNA – Ultimate Stress Measurement

After several years of research, CODESNA delivers these physiological markers from heart rate variability using unique innovative algorithms, patented in France and International. Users for our products are health care professionals, enterprises for their employees, and sports coaches.

Recognized as an innovative company in the field of health, CODESNA is a member of PACA EST incubator and EUROBIOMED pole in France.

The malaise, loss of motivation, negative stress cause physiological effects which can in turn cause many diseases as they alter the proper functioning of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), while the ANS’s role is to allow us to adapt to our environment in all circumstances.

Health care and well being professionals can quickly assess the overall physiological balance of their patients through our solutions.

We also incorporated our technology in a software to analyze heart rate variability, CODESNA_HRV, for researchers, scientists, doctors and physiologists working on physiology and on human performance improvements.

This software can be downloaded and used independently; it is compatible with various R-R file types that are prerecorded (Polar, Suunto…).

Our measurement technology for the autonomic nervous system is officially validated by a first independent scientific study and several other studies are under way in hospitals and research centers related to high performance sport.