Discover the product experience and impressions of Mr. Sadoine – doctor and osteopath, teacher at the Andrew Still Taylor Academy (ATSA ) School of Osteopathy– regarding CODESNA’s Physioner product :


Analyse du stress dans l'école ATSA” My name is Alain SADOINE, I am a doctor and osteopath and I also work as a teacher at ATSA School of Osteopathy in Limonest in the Rhône, accredited by the Ministry of Health) delivering full-time and part time studies.

I am also responsible for clinical research activities at this institution.

We decided to acquire the Physioner solution from CODESNA as we needed a product that helps us to analyse scientifically the states of the neuro-vegetative system.

As part of our osteopathic practise, we are daily confronted at various symptoms that use the neurovegetative pathways to express themselves (like stress, digestive, urinary, neurocognitive disorders), and which are often associated with musculoskeletal pains that lead the patients to initially consult us.

From a theory point of view, those linkages are very well understood from the anatomophysiological knowledge that we have of this system.

Our professional experience also tells us practically what beneficial effects we can achieve with our patients, but the great difficulty remains still today to demonstrate more scientifically and with more data evidence, the real impact we are targeting.

With this in mind, PHYSIONER attracted us as an relevant tool to objectify the impact of our manipulations on the neurovegetative system.

Our first experiment focused on a research protocol set up from January to June 2018 over 30 subjects. The objective of this research was to highlight the potential effects of dorsal vertebral manipulation on the neuro-vegetative states.

The results are currently being statistically analysed .

The next steps will be to renew the experience with other types of manipulations, and also to validate certain osteopathic tests intended to reflect the neuro-vegetative state of a subject.


The simplicity of Physioner use is remarkable, and the subjects of the study (all students in Osteopathy) were very interested by this product and the capabilities it provides to analyse and objectify. “