PHYSIONER, the solution to measure the Chronic Stress
and the imbalance of the Autonomic Nervous System

With PHYSIONER, CODESNA provides the first simple and accurate measurement of physiological and emotional balance of a person and can continuously measure the benefits of an adequate response. This in a context to prevent risks of negative emotions or to follow-up a treatment.

Stress in itself is a natural and essential process to human living; however when it becomes chronic, stress can contribute significantly to malaises, to weaken the immune system and to the emergence of various diseases and disorders. This because, to cope with those stress agents, the body has established mechanisms that modify significantly its bio physiological balance. And all these mechanisms which, in the short term, allow the body to respond in an appropriate may, in the longer term, contribute to severe disorders: chronic stress, negative stress causing diseases known under the generic term “burnout».

CODESNA with PHYSIONER provides the first simple and accurate measurement of this imbalance and can continuously measure the benefits of an adequate response.

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Real-time Stress Analysis

PHYSIONER, the real-time analysis solution to accurately measure physiological imbalances caused by chronic stress and negative residual malaise, which can cause a risk of burn-out.

This measure is executed in a simple and non-intrusive manner, by measuring the Heart Rate Variability of the person for 2 minutes with a specific respiratory protocol.

PHYSIONER is the first robust method, in real time and non-invasive for the measurement of physiological imbalance caused by chronic stress that is calculated on the sole measure of Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

From this simple physiological measure (heart rate taken for 2 minutes) our algorithms enables to measure and prevent the risk of “burn-out” and to have a reliable marker for a person’s well-being.

CODESNA Physioner Santé

This product is intended for professional working on health and/or on well-being: osteopaths, sophrologists, psychotherapists, physicians, sports coach or well-being caches, etc.

This product is also intended for healthcare facilities: functional re-education and rehabilitation center, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, spa, thermal baths and thalassotherapies, etc.

The measurement of stress at your service

The value proposition is to improve the quality of the services you deliver to your patient / client by providing accurate measures on their physiological and emotional balance as well by monitoring over time those results.

The second value proposition is to help the person to objectify his feeling and his evolution thanks to those markers, and to play an active part in his wellbeing.

PHYSIONER’s benefits

Scientific and precise – Simple – Fast (2 minutes protocol)
Data protection: the information is only stored locally on the tablet’s hard drive.
There is no Internet connection activated by the software.

Characteristics of the measure:

  • normalized measure of the imbalance between Sympathetic / Parasympathetic and of the heart variability amplitude
  • Measure of the concentration capability and cardio respiratory synchronization
  • Real-time measure of the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the Autonomic Nervous System

Product Features :

PHYSIONER consists of an aluminium case (black color) with reinforced edges and with two locks (external dimensions: 460 (W) x 160 (D) x 330 (H) mm) containing:

  • Two colored ECG clamp electrodes(different colors available) with a wireless sensor. Those clamps are placed on the wrists of the patient.
  • A chest belt on which the sensor can be connected for long term measurements
  • A Samsung tablet that contains the CODESNA software for measurement and statistics.
  • An instruction manual describing the protocol for an effective and simple measure.

The CODESNA software installed on the tablet enables:

  • To carry out the measurement, based on heart rate variability supplied by the clamps and the sensor.
  • To display on the screen 4 physiological markers on the observed physiological long-term and short-term imbalances.
  • To keep the markers if necessary by creating a historical record for each individual.
  • To analyze the evolution of these markers over time for each individual