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“The CODESNA innovation is outstanding. I make use of this device in every one of my conferences and corporate trainings. It is striking because it provides an accurate assessment of the patient stress level, avoids denial, and identifies “burn-out” profiles”

Lionel Pages, Osteopath, Lecturer, APM Expert on the topic of stress and the human body’s ability to deal with it

“We use the CODESNA PHYSIONER system for corporate well-being. Our members are delighted by the awareness and prevention resulting from this innovative stress management solution. The members commitment and involvement is way higher than with conventional methods.”

Marie-Pierre JANVRIN, Director of Preventive Healthcare, Marketing Department, Mutuelle Intériale.

“I am very thankful to CODESNA for enabling us to ensure our staff well-being. Everyone had a great time thanks to CODESNA. Our teams are delighted. (1-day on-site workshop)”

Jean-Philippe Guyot, Manager of SEA-abrasifs, Macon.

“Its use fulfilled all of our expectations. The PHYSIONER system can be used for prevention as well as for treatment as a feedback tool, for example in the exercise of stress management techniques. Thus, it can play a very significant role in the corporate world for targeting and preventing burn-out situations.”

Eric Marlien, Director of Education and Clinical Director at the Institute for Osteopathy Education of “Grand Avignon”, Professor at the Barral Institute, Author of a book titled «Stress Management».

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