We were present at the 4th meeting of Phytotherapy and Complementary Medicine in Paris on April 13, 2019 organized by savoirsportsanté.fr
We were among the exhibitors, presenting our solutions for assessing and managing chronic stress.

Not far from our booth was the Shiatsu Professional Union booth.

We decided to take advantage of this proximity to do a little test: Make an evaluation of a participant at the conference, then offer him a Shiatsu session. The proposed technique consisted of a sitting shiatsu of about fifteen minutes.
Then, the participant rested a few minutes and redo an evaluation with the product Physioner to see any changes.
The results were very interesting (see table below)



ANS imbalance

HRV Amplitude

Heart Rate

Evaluation before


111 msec

51 bpm

Evaluation after


158 msec

53 bpm

Observations Strong reduction of the orthosympathetic dominance Slight change, but relatively stable Stable, no changes

The participant is a rather sporty and healthy person; the HRV amplitude for a person of his age is on average about 80 msec.
Of course, it’s impossible to draw general conclusions about a test done on a person during a conference. It would have been necessary to take measurements the next day to see the effect over time.

The interesting remark is to see that a Shiatsu practice of 15 minutes allowed to improve the balance of the Nervous System Autonomous in a rather consistent way.
Probably the imbalance found during the 2nd measurement will return back to higher scores over time, and it is possibly the repetition of this protocol which could have a long lasting effect? This is an assumption for now. To be proven through more formalized process and studies!

The interest of the product Physioner is to quantify, objectify and evaluate this impact.