Vasile Zoicas

Vasile Zoicas has an Engineering background, and is the Founder and President of CODESNA; he has +14 years of experience in semiconductor and in biomedical industries, in an international, multicultural and competitive environment.

He has a practical expertise of biomedical signal processing: Real time, linear and nonlinear filtering of ECG signal, beat detection algorithms, pre-alerts algorithms, etc.

For several years, in collaboration with physicians and physiologists, Vasile has conducted researches to design and develop new signal processing algorithms for physiological signals and in particular for the electrocardiogram (ECG). He is author and co-author of six international patents (4 patents already granted in the US) and several scientific and technical publications.

Recognized leader in its field, Vasile, in addition to the Presidency, is responsible for the R&D and Scientific aspects for CODESNA.

Marc Latouche is Associate Investor in CODESNA. He worked16 years at Cisco Systems in various functions related to strategic marketing, partnership and operations.

He worked in Global and European functions, collaborating with customers and partners in Europe, Middle East, USA and Asia, which gave him a very diverse and international experience.

Marc has experience of management, business development and sales, financial, management, marketing and communication.

Marc recently invested as an entrepreneur in several innovative High Tech start-ups, getting involved with Executive Committees in their strategic direction and the development of their external growth.